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As more surgeons from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds have advanced the field of aesthetic and reconstructive medicine, so too have the possibilities for their patients. For far too many years, our society’s beauty standards have often been monolithic. Fortunately, it is now more possible than ever for patients to enhance their ethnic facial features without feeling like they are losing the distinct characteristics that make them who they are. 

Model of asian descent with open and shut eyes. Side by side view.

Why Should I Consider Ethnic Facial Plastic Surgery? 

Ethnically sensitive facial plastic surgery is different from traditional facial plastic surgery as it seeks to balance the face to preserve the distinctions of the patient’s ethnicity. There are many examples of how ethnic-sensitive surgical techniques pay close attention to each patient’s differences, such as adjusting techniques to accommodate varying complexions and skin thicknesses, thus minimizing scarring. 

Other examples include aesthetic concerns with the jaw, eyes, and nose, and how these features should be reshaped and resized in a manner consistent with a patient’s ethnic background. A growing community of surgeons like Dr. Haena Kim supports highlighting their patient’s ethnic features, as opposed to erasing them. Dr. Kim offers Asian rhinoplasty and Asian cosmetic surgery techniques to reflect these values.

What Are Some Examples of Asian Cosmetic Procedures?


The nose is a cornerstone of the face, with one’s genetic background allowing distinct phenotypic markers to surface in this area. Some ethnic groups are known for wider noses, while other groups experience narrower bridges. As a patient of Asian descent, one is likely to experience a unique nose bridge height, septum width, and other characteristics that are distinct to their background. With Asian rhinoplasty, patients can enjoy a greater enhancement in their facial balance, refined nasal definition, and the reinforcement of their nasal bridge and tip. 

Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery augments the typical “monolid” or “single eyelid” found in patients of Asian descent by creating additional folds in the lids. While some may consider this a means of achieving a more “Western” facial feature, this procedure can still conserve a distinct Asian eye shape and facial harmony when completed with the proper technique. 

Want to Find Out More About Ethnic Plastic Surgery in East Bay, CA? 

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