Asian Jawline / Chin Augmentation in Walnut Creek, CA

Dr. Haena Kim’s extensive study of Asian jawlines makes her the perfect choice to resculpt your chin and jawline to create defined and elegant proportions. As a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kim’s understanding of facial anatomy allows her to expertly utilize non-surgical tools to balance your most central features while preserving the unique beauty of your Asian chin anatomy. With her expert application of both Restylane and Juvederm fillers, patients looking to define their jawline can find gratifying results.

What Is Achieved With Asian Jawline / Chin Augmentation?

Attractive Jawline

Enjoy a more graceful and flawless chin with an angularity that more naturally complements the contours of your lower face. Reveal the fullness of your chin and jawline to reinvigorate your youthfulness.

Balanced Profile

Improve and balance the symmetry of your face with more accurate proportions and definition. By enhancing the definition of the jawline and chin, you can flatter the neighboring beauty of your cheekbones, lips, and nose.

Youthful Angles

Jawline and chin augmentation camouflage early jowl formations with subtle but significant changes. Preserve the look and feel of your natural chin with non-surgical techniques that result in zero scarring.

How Is Asian Jawline / Chin Augmentation Performed?

Step 1:

Dr. Kim begins your chin augmentation by applying a topical anesthetic. This injection prevents your chin and jawline from feeling any discomfort.

Step 2:

After the ointment takes effect, Dr. Kim administers the exact amount of filler determined during your consultation to create the maximum result.

Step 3:

As the filler acts on your chin and jawline area, additional volume will be created to give your chin and jawline a more substantial definition and elegant size. For select patients, Botox is also used to lessen the appearance of the masseter (jawline) muscle to achieve a slimmer, more V-line shape.

Step 4:

Moments after Dr. Kim has completed your injection(s), you can return to your daily activities.

What Are The Common Concerns About Asian Jawline / Chin Augmentation?


JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® offers natural-looking results that can last up to two years. VOLUMA® is an excellent option for patients who want results that will last.


Because JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® is a non-invasive treatment, patients will only have to be concerned about light tenderness, swelling, or redness in the injection site area. VOLUMA® requires zero downtime and no scarring, making it one of the most efficient chin augmentation treatments.


The cost of jawline augmentation varies based on patient criteria, depending on the techniques employed and the amount of filler injected. Please consult with Dr. Kim to receive an accurate estimate for your procedure.


Although it is unlikely you will experience significant discomfort after your chin augmentation, Dr. Kim will provide specific instructions for postoperative care and prescribe prescription medications that can reduce discomfort or pain and mitigate swelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I a candidate for a combination of facial treatments?

Based on your cosmetic goals, Dr. Kim may recommend other non-surgical dermal fillers. While dermal fillers are temporary, they can provide long-lasting results and allow patients to audition different shapes and degrees of definition that might suit them best. Dr. Kim will recommend additional treatments during your consultation.

Q. Will I still look like myself after the procedure?

Everyone’s anatomy is different, but rest assured, Dr. Kim will preserve your fundamental appearance. Your unique and natural Asian features will be protected, reinforced, and beautified to meet your standards and your needs. Not only will you be a more attractive version of yourself, but you will find more confidence as you rediscover the harmonious balance that all your Asian facial features have to offer.

Q. How do I know if I’m a good candidate for Asian chin augmentation?

Men and women of all ages can be candidates for chin augmentation. Your decision to have Asian chin augmentation is a highly personal choice, and there is no single answer about whether the treatment is right for you. While Dr. Kim dedicates herself to realizing your cosmetic goals, she takes pride in guiding her patients towards a better appreciation for their natural beauty and informed understanding of realistic expectations.

The benefits of cosmetic procedures are life-changing and can boost mood, confidence, and overall well-being. Asian chin augmentation can remedy and enhance your appearance as well as your lifestyle.