What Is Asian Eyelid Surgery?

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The Asian heritage is a strong heritage, and this is something to be extremely proud of. One of the defining features of this heritage is the appearance of the Asian eyelid. 

While many Asians have a “monolid,” just as many have a natural “double eyelid.” 

In Asians with a natural double eyelid, it may be positioned lower than desired or poorly defined. A weak or poorly defined double eyelid can occur in anyone for any number of reasons. 

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While there is no physical harm in this condition, patients with a “monolid” or weak double eyelid seek Asian eyelid surgery for a more defined eyelid crease or for improved symmetry. 

Asian eyelid surgery (also known as Asian blepharoplasty) is a common plastic surgery procedure for Asian men and women. 

What Is the Difference Between Regular Eyelid Surgery and Asian Eyelid Surgery?

In 2020, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty surgery) was the second most performed cosmetic surgical procedure performed. This goes to show just how trusted and effective eyelid surgery is for patients. 

However, where standard eyelid surgery is used to tighten the skin and underlying tissue around the eyes and eyelids along with eliminating drooping skin on the eyelid, the focus of Asian eyelid surgery (also known as double eyelid surgery) is to create a more natural and symmetrical aesthetic for the eyes and eyelids with the creation of an upper eyelid crease

How Is Asian Eyelid Surgery Performed?

Asian eyelid surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia, though light sedation may be used for specific patients. It usually takes around one to one and half hours to complete this procedure. 

For Asian eyelid surgery, Dr. Kim prefers the incisional method; however, the suture method is an available alternative.

Incisional Method

With this approach, Dr. Kim will make an incision across the entire upper portion of your eyelid at the approximate height that the eyelid fold would be. 

This procedure is a bit more extensive than the suture method, but it offers more comprehensive results and allows Dr. Kim to remove excess skin for older patients and to correct any underlying ptosis, or muscle weakness.

Suture Method

This approach to Asian eyelid surgery is not as extensive as the incisional method; however, the results can be just as stunning. 

With the suture method, smaller incisions are placed along the length of the desired crease height and permanent sutures are placed through the upper eyelid muscle to create a noticeable crease in the upper eyelid. 

Not every patient is able to have this method of Asian eyelid surgery performed. 

At your consultation, Dr. Kim will examine your condition to decide which method is best for you.

Asian eyelid surgery before and after performed in Walnut Creek, CA.

You can see more transformations by visiting our Asian eyelid surgery before and after photo gallery.

How Can Asian Eyelid Surgery Help Me?

After your Asian eyelid surgery, you will have the appearance of an upper eyelid crease. 

One of the most important things to understand about Asian eyelid surgery is that you are maintaining your cultural heritage and appearance with this procedure. 

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