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Gentle, non-ablative fractional laser technology to repair and rejuvenate facial skin.

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Clear + Brilliant

You love to take care of your skin — you wear sunscreen every day and your medicine cabinet is full of the latest creams and serums. But you can feel signs of aging coming nevertheless. Lines and wrinkles happen to everyone eventually, and topical treatments at home can’t prevent them from forming forever. If you’re looking for a more effective way to keep early signs of aging at bay, the Clear + Brilliant laser might be just what you need.

Whether this will be your first office-based treatment for your skin or you’ve had laser resurfacing in the past, Clear + Brilliant promises beautiful results. It is a gentle laser designed to give a healthy, youthful glow without any downtime or side effects. We often recommend it as a maintenance treatment for patients who have had more intensive laser or surgical anti-aging procedures. It is also an ideal option for clients with early signs of aging such as mild to moderate lines and wrinkles, skin dullness or discolored sun and age spots.

For more information about Clear + Brilliant treatments in the Walnut Creek and East Bay Area, schedule your consultation with Dr. Haena Kim. As a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kim is an expert in helping her clients achieve beautiful, ageless skin with both surgical and non-invasive techniques. Our team also includes Eileen De Los Reyes, RN, a highly experienced provider with over 15 years in the medical aesthetics field. We proudly provide Clear + Brilliant, a range of other skincare treatments and a variety of facial plastic surgeries to help you achieve all of your aesthetic goals. Reach out to us today at (925) 891-4135 to make an appointment.

Meet Clear + Brilliant, a new approach to laser skin enhancement

Clear + Brilliant is a non-invasive laser treatment that uses gentle, non-ablative fractional laser technology to repair and rejuvenate facial skin. The treatment is completely non-surgical and does not break the skin with any injections or incisions. As your provider moves the handpiece over the treated area, the laser energy penetrates your skin’s upper layers. It gently applies targeted heat to microscopic pockets in your skin’s tissues, without causing injury or affecting deeper tissues. The heated areas are registered as damaged tissue by your body, which naturally promotes cell turnover, tissue restoration and the elimination of tissues with sun or age damage.

Clear + Brilliant is ideal for treating early signs of aging such as:

  • Fine lines across the cheeks, near the eyes or on the forehead
  • Areas of mild hyperpigmentation
  • Enlarged pores
  • Dullness
  • Redness including clusters of broken blood vessels

Clear + Brilliant is also an excellent option for clients who have had deep laser resurfacing, facial plastic surgery or other intensive skin rejuvenation treatment. With Clear + Brilliant, these clients have an affordable and effective way to maintain their results and investment over time. Clear + Brilliant is gentle and repeatable and offers excellent results without the cost or recovery time. Any lingering or recurring skin concerns can be quickly addressed and remedied with simple Clear + Brilliant treatments.


With proven technology cleared for use by the FDA, Clear + Brilliant can help you maintain a youthful glow, luminosity and smoothness. And, since treatments are repeatable, you can continue to use Clear + Brilliant to achieve great skin for years to come. The gentle fractional laser promotes lasting skin rejuvenation by improving collagen and elastin production and kickstarting your skin’s natural healing processes. Whether you are seeking your first in-office treatment for anti-aging or you are looking for a way to make sure your outcomes from a previous procedure last longer, Clear + Brilliant will give you the results you want.


Clear + Brilliant is non-invasive, requires no anesthesia and no pain management. Since the laser only penetrates the skin’s upper layers, treatments are comfortable and do not cause any residual pain. Your provider may also use a topical numbing cream to ensure the procedure is completely painless. You can resume all daily activities without significant discomfort following your appointment (mild sensitivity to touch or temperature may persist for 12 to 24 hours).


Skincare can be time-consuming, and many anti-aging procedures like chemical peels or resurfacing require a few hours with your plastic surgeon, dermatologist or aesthetician. With Clear + Brilliant, you can spend more time enjoying your younger-looking skin and less time in your provider’s office. Most treatment sessions with Clear + Brilliant take just 30 minutes, and may be even shorter as you continue to visit your provider. And, with results that last several months and continue to improve in the weeks following your treatment, you’ll only need to set aside a tiny fraction of your time to maintaining healthy, glowing skin.


Clear + Brilliant is gentle on your skin and your wallet. Whether you want to protect your investment in an intensive skincare procedure or you aren’t ready to commit to more expensive options, Clear + Brilliant is an affordable and low-maintenance solution. It can also be combined with other lower-cost options such as injectable fillers or wrinkle relaxes for more complete anti-aging results. Overall treatment costs will vary depending on your needs and your maintenance schedule. Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Haena Kim in Walnut Creek, CA to learn more.

Minimal downtime

Prolong your results, not your downtime — Clear + Brilliant is non-surgical, requires no bed rest and has no significant side effects that will prevent you from participating in daily activities. You’ll be able to return to your normal schedule, including exercise, right away, and you won’t experience the redness, dryness or flaking skin typical of more intensive laser resurfacing. To protect your results, you should plan to use adequate sun protection if you participate in outdoor activities.

Fight aging skin with the latest in preventive skin care solutions

If you are starting to see your skin change over time despite good skin care techniques, it may be time to pursue clinically effective treatments provided by a licensed professional. Clear + Brilliant is quickly becoming the gold standard for treating your early signs of aging and preventing deeper lines and wrinkles. With this treatment, you can find the solution you seek to maintain your skin’s health and appearance. Clear + Brilliant is proven effective, offers immediate and progressive improvements and provides long-lasting results.

Dr. Haena Kim and Eileen De Los Reyes, RN, provide Clear + Brilliant treatments along with a complete range of the industry’s top non-invasive, anti-aging solutions, including injectable fillers, BOTOX®, chemical peels and microneedling. Visit us for a consultation to find out how we can help you achieve glowing skin at any age. Call us at (925) 891-4135 or reach out to our team online.

Dr. Haena Kim Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is located in Walnut Creek, CA. We serve the surrounding East Bay areas, including Contra Costa County, San Ramon, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Danville, Richmond, San Pablo, and Lafayette.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clear + Brilliant is ideal for treating early signs of aging, including:

  • Mild to moderate lines and wrinkles
  • Dullness
  • Hyperpigmentation (sun or age spots)
  • Enlarged pores
  • Uneven skin texture

Clear + Brilliant is gentle and can be appropriate for patients of many ages, both male and female and of many different skin types and tones. It can also be used as a maintenance treatment to preserve the results of deeper laser resurfacing or a different anti-aging procedure.

Clear + Brilliant requires no recovery time and typically has no side effects. Some clients will experience mild redness for about 12 hours, and sensitivity to touch or temperature for 12 to 24 hours. Risk of complications is very low, but you will still need to inform your provider of any known sensitivities or allergies prior to treatment. Dr. Kim may recommend certain topical creams to help your skin look its best in the days following your treatment and to help your results last longer. All clients should also use adequate sun protection to preserve their results.

Clear + Brilliant treatments are quick and comfortable. You will only spend about a half hour in our offices. Your provider may apply a topical numbing cream to ensure your session is completely painless. Then, they will gently move the Clear + Brilliant handpiece across your face over the areas you would like to treat. The device’s Intelligent Optical Tracking System ensures even skin contact and uniform treatment throughout your session. Once your provider has finished treating your skin, you will be free to return to all normal activities and resume your day where you left off.

Clear + Brilliant results typically appear within the first week or two after treatment and last several months. With good skin care practices and proper sun protection, you can keep your results at their best for longer. You can also repeat your Clear + Brilliant treatments to optimize your results or when your initial results begin to wear off. Our team can help you create the best treatment plan and advise you on skin care techniques to maintain your new smooth, glowing skin over time.

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