Plastic surgery techniques developed specifically for the Asian anatomy

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Dr. Haena Kim, MD

Asian cosmetic surgery is unique and requires a specialist who truly understands this unique field. Many plastic surgery techniques began in western countries and were developed specifically for Caucasian people, by Caucasian doctors. Recognizing this, Dr. Haena Kim has dedicated her career to advancing plastic surgery techniques developed specifically for the Asian anatomy.

Dr. Kim is the only Asian, female Facial Plastic Surgeon in Walnut Creek and the East Bay Area.

Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery, or Asian blepharoplasty, is a popular surgical procedure to create a natural-looking crease in the upper eyelid region. This gives a patient the appearance of having larger, more open eyes. Dr. Kim is renowned for using state-of-the-art surgical techniques, depending on patient preference. The goal is to create eyelids that are more harmonious to a patient’s face, while keeping ethnicity and heritage in mind.

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Asian Rhinoplasty Surgery

An Asian rhinoplasty can have a drastic effect on the overall harmony of the face. At times an Asian rhinoplasty addresses very similar concerns to a Caucasian rhinoplasty, such as a smaller nasal tip or hump on the nose. There are also very different aspects to an Asian rhinoplasty that require alternate approaches to create height for a low nasal bridge and greater definition of the tip. Dr. Kim couples her surgical expertise with a deep understanding of the inherent differences in underlying Asian anatomy to provide the desired results for her patients.

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Cheek Surgery

Striking cheekbones can create a more chiseled, regal-looking face and boost the visual perception of one’s attractiveness. Cheek augmentation surgery provides an opportunity to ‘sculpt’, add definition and enhance underdeveloped cheekbones beyond what any contouring makeup kit can achieve. Dr. Kim is an expert at restoring balance and harmony to your facial bone structure through cheek augmentation.

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Jawline Surgery

The benefits of jawline surgery may astound you, resulting in a more feminine-looking face, and increased aesthetic appeal. Dr. Kim offers both surgical and non-surgical jaw reduction for Asian patients interested in correcting a prominent jawline, or jawline that appears out of proportion with other facial features. Simply by slenderizing this part of the face, most women feel an instant boost of confidence. Dr. Kim is highly sought after for knowing how to achieve gorgeous results while maintaining the natural features of her patients’ Asian heritage.

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