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Traditionally, fillers are injected with thin needles for a quick and straightforward treatment. However, in contemporary cosmetic practices, cannulas have gained popularity because of their distinct advantages. 

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What Are the Advantages of Cannulas for Injectable Fillers?

Cannulas, unlike traditional needles, have a blunt tip. Due to this tip, cannulas can’t pierce the skin like a normal needle can. However, once a hole (pilot hole) is made, the cannula can get underneath the skin’s surface. 

The use of cannulas for injectables has gained popularity for several reasons. First, the cannula’s round tip can cause less bruising and swelling by pushing any important structures away from the injection site. 

A needle does not discern what structures it passes through in the subcutaneous tissue. Cannulas, on the other hand, can help a provider “feel” each structure as the product is applied. In this way, cannulas give the provider additional awareness of the clearest pathways for the injectable that will not damage important veins or arteries.

Additionally, cannulas tend to be much longer, giving the provider a broader range of areas to apply the product from a single entry point. Therefore, the skin is not pierced as many times, resulting in less trauma.

What Are the Advantages of Needles for Injectable Fillers?

Cannula tips have provided new advantages for the application of injectable fillers like Restylane® products, JUVÉDERM® products, and muscle relaxers like BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport®. 

So, why would a doctor or aesthetician still want to use needle tips?

Needles still provide excellent coverage to small areas, such as the lips and around the mouth, as well as areas that feature very fine lines. Depending on a patient’s anatomy, needles may be ideal for filling specific locations or applying a product to a small number of locations. 

Additionally, needle injections instantly pierce the skin, unlike cannula injections, offering treatments that can be significantly faster. A needle may also be advantageous for patients with thicker skin, unique skin types, and patients who find the cannula method uncomfortable or worrisome (due to its more unusual blunt tip). 

Should I Choose Cannula or Needle for My Injectable Treatment?

Each has its advantages depending on the scenario, and cannula and needle injections are both successful at administering fillers, muscle relaxers, and other injectables. 

During your consultation, your provider will evaluate your skin type, skin texture, cosmetic concerns, and overall skin health before suggesting which applicator will be right for your personal needs. 

The right professional, like Dr. Haena Kim, can use both the cannula and needle as safe applicators for your chosen injectable product. 

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