Plastic Surgery Has Become More Popular in Recent Years: Is Social Media to Blame?

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Social media has proved to be a powerful tool that has greatly impacted how we share information.

In addition to providing us with new ways to connect and spend time, social media has also played a huge role in the normalization of plastic surgery. According to recent surveys, the demand for preventive minimally invasive and surgical procedures is greater than ever, especially among millennials.

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Role of Information on Social Media in Influencing Plastic Surgery Decisions

Social media has become a popular means for influencers and professional providers to advertise their cosmetic procedures. 

We see a lot of information regarding plastic surgery being widely shared through various social media platforms.

These advertisements are done mainly through the self-promotion of cosmetic clinics or influencer-driven strategies. Many leading influencers and celebrities have taken over the cosmetics space to promote various beauty treatment procedures they incorporate in their standard beauty regimes to maintain their beautiful appearances.

Also, individuals interested in a particular cosmetic procedure can easily obtain valuable information thanks to multiple groups and sites on the internet that offer a never-before opportunity to learn the good and bad about any given subject.

The Perfect Selfie and Self Perception

Social media has increasingly fueled the notion of unrealistic beauty standards, causing many women to take drastic measures to keep up with the latest trends. 

Young people are constantly exposed to highly edited and airbrushed photos of leading social media models and influencers, causing them to feel the pressure to look ‘perfect,’ even if that is an unrealistic and unfair goal.

In fact, sending a normal, goofy picture online has now become a chore. These selfies draw attention to our faces and bodies, reminding us of our imperfections, whether it is an unattractive nose or an aging face. Young people face the risk of negative comments or online bullying in relation to such photos. This has further encouraged the feeling of not being enough and the subsequent decision to opt for plastic surgery.

The constant need for self-acceptance is so consuming that many choose to go under the knife to get their preferred procedures and look better online. Many patients are reported to bring pictures of fitness models or celebrities who inspire them to use as a reference for how they would like their features to look.

Is This Approach Wise?

While there is no denying that social media has significantly impacted the growing desire for aesthetic procedures, it is still important to proceed with caution. 

If your only reason for desiring plastic surgery revolves around the desire to appear different in your social media feed, you may want to think twice and delve into the other emotional issues at play. 

Plastic surgery procedures can do wonders for the right candidate who is choosing their selected procedure for the right reason. However, plastic surgery is not a “fix-all.” Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Haena Kim to determine if you are a candidate for a surgical or non-surgical cosmetic treatment, 

Interested in Learning More?

Regardless of the role of social media in plastic surgery trends or your reasons for seeking out a given procedure, it is important to consult with a qualified board-certified surgeon before making the final decision. 

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